I am an Economist and Research Professor of Finance. I am also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) registered at and regulated by the CPA Association of Milan, Italy, and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Finance at Imperial College, University of London, UK.

Since March 2011, I am a financial advisor of industrial and financial corporations in the fields of financial planning, corporate structures & tax advisory, legal and compliance activities concerning market regulation, investment valuation, and mergers & acquisitions, and I have a specific expertise in financial engineering and securitization of assets.

I also served governmental institutions such as the General Prosecutor of the Court of Audit (“Corte dei Conti”) of Rome, Italy, who appointed me in 2013 as a researcher/auditor with the task of analysing the market conduct of large financial service providers and their compliance with the Italian regulation concerning market manipulation and insider trading.

During the years 2000, I performed advisory activities for large corporations such as Cable&Wireless, Accenture, Eli Lilly, Schering Plough and Glaxo in the fields of investment valuation and operational risk management.

During the same years, I also worked as portfolio advisor and manager of hedge funds and as advisor of large banks including Bear Stearns, Eurizon Capital Sgr (Intesa Sanpaolo group) and Nextra Sgr (Banca Intesa group) in the field of equity valuation, risk and performance metrics of listed companies.

During my Ph.D studies at Imperial College in London, under the supervision of Professor Nicos Christofides, I developed a model of corporate performance valuation denominated Growth Premium Analysis, focusing on the valuation of the growth options embedded in the market value of corporations.

Following my studies, I was the author of scientific articles published in international journals such as “Financial Management”, the Journal of the Financial Management Association International.

I received my Ph.D in Finance from Imperial College, London (UK) and graduated with honours in Economics at Bocconi University, Milan (Italy).